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  • 1.  Introducing Genesys Cloud

    Posted 01-29-2020 16:22
    Edited by Nathalie Thompson 10-29-2020 16:37
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    Check out the new FAQ doc to review the updated timeline and status of the rebranding project.


    Hello Everyone!

    As Matt Lawson mentioned, Genesys published a press release announcing that PureCloud will now be known as Genesys Cloud! We wanted to provide more information to all of you, and plan to keep you informed as we execute this rolling change throughout 2020. I have attached an FAQ doc but also copied the text below for easy review.

    Please reply if anyone has any questions.

    Thank you!

    What all is changing?
    PureCloud® will change to Genesys Cloud™. This will be a rolling change throughout 2020. You may see inconsistencies throughout the year, but our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Why are you changing the name?

    As mentioned above, we are excited about the shift in evolution of our company and want our flagship product to represent that shift. Our goal is to enable organizations to achieve true personalization at scale and help organizations provide better experiences to their customers and employees.

    Hear from our CEO, Tony Bates, about our strategy and the role Genesys Cloud plays.

    January 14th Press Release

    Blog - Genesys Cloud – The Way Forward It Is

    Will this change affect any of the functionality on the platform?

    No. This project does not involve any functional changes. The product name and logo are the only changes. You will start to see the name and logo changes in our product interfaces, installers, websites, documentation, and support tools. As mentioned, this will be a phased approach. A later phase will change the domain name. Genesys will provide detailed communications as we get closer to this phase to minimize any disruption from the domain name change.

    When will the change take place?

    To limit disruption and confusion, this will be a rolling change throughout 2020.

    If we have any questions or concerns, who should we contact?

    For additional questions, contact your Genesys Advisor or account manager.


    Nathalie Thompson
    Product Marketing Manager