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Upcoming Agent UI Update - Multi-contextual Panels 4 34 minutes ago by Marja Korander
Original post by Ricky Phung
WFM Adherence View
3 2 hours ago by richard craig
Double ringing in Salesforce embedded client and Genesys Cloud 8 4 hours ago by Prateek Sethi
Original post by Jennifer DiCesare
I want to update some items in the contact list form.
0 7 hours ago by Akihiko Suzuki
Silently monitoring agents
0 9 hours ago by Burak Sofu
What interactions involved calling a Specific Number?
1 10 hours ago by Gina Palmer
Bot not recognizing letters correctly
0 11 hours ago by Craig Gillett
Bot Demos Galore on the newest Q&A episode that just dropped!
0 12 hours ago by Nicole Milliken
Any Questions About Building Your Bot?
35 13 hours ago by Nicole Milliken
Spanish Bots
1 13 hours ago by Nicole Milliken
Original post by Tony Manna
Skill Limits
4 14 hours ago by Rodolfo Sasabo
Original post by Kim Holbrook
Do you have GIFT IDEAS to help this special family for the holidays?
0 16 hours ago by Nicole Milliken
Pulse - View call and agent is currently on?
0 17 hours ago by Christopher Hopper
Deactivated and activating members in a queue
4 17 hours ago by Caleb Smith
Original post by Marilyn Cambria
how to check agent available and transfer if agent not available 1 17 hours ago by Caleb Smith
Original post by Nuttapong Limadisai
hide the transfer button
1 17 hours ago by Caleb Smith
Original post by Rihab BEN MALEK
SMS Messaging Down
3 17 hours ago by Jason Rottero
So here's one example of an idea raised that PMs give no feedback or responses on - months later still waiting 10 17 hours ago by Kevin Brown
Original post by Vaun McCarthy
Configure Salesforce ScreenPop when Picked up ?
1 18 hours ago by Richard Schott
Original post by Alexandre Brenne
Wrap Up Notes
0 19 hours ago by Britney Springer
Agents can listen to other Call Recordings 2 19 hours ago by Dirk Krampe
select a calling destination by date/time frame from a data table 0 21 hours ago by Robert Herms
Call external Web API on call events 0 21 hours ago by Bero Acker
Is there a replacement for Code editor
1 22 hours ago by Jan Heinonen
Original post by David Regis
What does External Contacts query in the Audit Viewer? 1 23 hours ago by Julianne Chaloux
Original post by Dianne Gabriel
Segmenting agents for easy Analytics API extraction of CDR & UDR for India DOT compliance
2 yesterday by Mohan S
Original post by Derek Cowan
Sensitivity of Speech Recognition
0 yesterday by Dirk Krampe
Email thread for agent when utilisation max capacity is set to one
1 yesterday by Robert Niblock
Original post by Henry Nguyen
Data Actions Performance Alerting 0 yesterday by Caleb Smith
Coming soon: Refresh of Contact Management UI 6 yesterday by Julianne Chaloux
Genesys Cloud CX Release Notes - November 29 2023
0 yesterday by Antwuan Rencher
Agents unable to pick up calls
47 yesterday by Anastasios Zotos
Original post by Stephen Jacobs
API for Concurrent Usage Report and Cloud Voice Usage
0 yesterday by Conrad Lemos
Concurrent AHT 1 yesterday by Ryan Legner
Original post by richard craig
Agents Unable to Change Status After a Period of Inactivity
1 yesterday by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Original post by Soumik Biswas
Release Notes 11/15/23 - Not seeing renaming of Schedules to Operating Schedules
2 yesterday by Eileen Andrews
Update call back that have been scheduled through campaign
0 yesterday by Mohannad haddad
Coming soon: Updates to Journey Outcome Scoring configuration
0 yesterday by Cillian Day
External contacts view
0 yesterday by Sai Kiran
The Digital Insights Dashboard
0 2 days ago by Mate Foldi
Frequent Error Codes for Specific Reps 1 2 days ago by Johnson Lu
Original post by Jacqueline Turner
Data Actions: read Information from response header / AZURE AI Language 16 2 days ago by Christoph Domaschke
Live monitoring voice - Is it possible also view screens
2 2 days ago by Richard Pillera
Phantom Alert Notifications
7 2 days ago by Steve Bugo
Original post by Wendy Sachen
Headset not working, connecting, picking up audio, or having issues 1 2 days ago by Vern Fernandez
Original post by Matt Lawson
To Division or not to Division - what is the correct way to handle Dev/UAT/Prod 9 2 days ago by Zach Dudek
Original post by Robert Wakefield-Carl
Improving Email Alerts for calls to 911 8 2 days ago by Jan Heinonen
Original post by Jason Tripp
Feedback requested: permission to fetch organization limits 0 2 days ago by Becky Powell
Issues with desktop app and SSO/conditional access? 1 2 days ago by Brian Dupuis
Original post by Vaun McCarthy
Background Ringing Jabra 65 Headset
11 2 days ago by Stephan Keim
Original post by Dan Wong