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Phrase marked with negative sentiment once but not every time
0 an hour ago by Shelby Cronk
Topic triggered by phrase not included in the phrase
0 an hour ago by Shelby Cronk
Chatbot identify url/page customer is on?
3 2 hours ago by Peter Stoltenberg
Original post by Robert Schwanke
BYOC Premise - Customer Hardware Solution Edge for our enviornment.
12 3 hours ago by Subhash Srivastava
10 digit ANI/DNIS are converted to US E.164 numbers - In a SAE Org, with Sites/Location on other countries
0 3 hours ago by Facundo Nowicky
COMING SOON !!! Beta Multi-Contextual Panel
8 3 hours ago by Nicholas Robinson
Sudden drop in FTE requirements
0 5 hours ago by Shannon Hellner
WFM Scheduled > Required Staff (What to do?) 6 5 hours ago by Breno Canyggia Ferreira Marreco
Instructor Lead Training - not sure of why different time
0 7 hours ago by Clayton Johnson
Web Messaging - upcoming improvement to Messenger UX for Sending and Delivered Inbound Messages
0 8 hours ago by Angelo Cicchitto
Beta Announcement: Allow Native Headset Controls In Embedded Clients
3 9 hours ago by Thomas Prendergast
Upcoming New Feature - Dictionary Management in UI
0 9 hours ago by Leor Grebler
Upcoming Agent UI Changes - New email component 26 10 hours ago by Carlos Alonso
Original post by Mate Janos Foldi
Queue being removed from agent keeps assigning itself automatically.
1 10 hours ago by Breno Canyggia Ferreira Marreco
Original post by Zoran Jakovski
Genesys Dialogflow Add-on - Quotes and Limits
0 11 hours ago by Maria de los Angeles Paredes Piscione
Campaign - Preview Mode Skips
1 11 hours ago by Steven Busse
Original post by Clare Wallace
Problems trying to Access / Playback Live Voice Interactions 0 12 hours ago by Dan Wong
Invoke URL when dialing contact in preview campaign
14 13 hours ago by Steven Busse
Original post by Charis Sideridis
How to get the Current UTC time in same iteration in in-queue flow
0 14 hours ago by Lakshmanakumar Krishnasamy
Canned Responses
14 16 hours ago by Dewald Smit
Original post by Rebecca Smith
Latest updates to utilization 1 17 hours ago by Rolph Lieverse
Original post by Ram Prashanth Muralikrishnan
set priority consult transfer 3 17 hours ago by Christoph Domaschke
Original post by Nuttapong Limadisai
Agents receive inbound calls while in an ACD - Ringing loudly in ear while on with a customer 1 yesterday by Paul Simpson
Original post by Blair Hansford
Auto-greeting for voice
6 yesterday by Paul Simpson
Original post by Brandon Hamilton
Websurvey language 0 yesterday by Simon Noel
Schedule Export Issues for Subsequent Planning Periods - Please Vote for Resolution!
2 yesterday by Andrea Rushfeldt
SMS - Overview and FAQs
0 yesterday by Matt Lawson
SMS - Overview and FAQs
0 yesterday by Matt Lawson
SMS - Overview and FAQs
0 yesterday by Matt Lawson
New Genesys Cloud Q&A Show Talks about SMS!
0 yesterday by Nicole Milliken
Alering only for target skill audience
3 yesterday by Paul Simpson
Original post by Ruud Waermoes
Pulse Advanced Alert - EMAIL 4 yesterday by Aruna Devi Gyanmotay
Original post by Sebastian Valenzuela
Removing Inactive Agents from Work Plans
0 yesterday by Lisa Johnson
Creating and Alert Rule with SMS
1 yesterday by Matthew Brannon
Exporting Time Off Request from prior month for both active / non active employees
2 yesterday by Joseph Behymer
Original post by Anthony Cedrone
List of Error Code Explanations
10 yesterday by Sai Kumar
Original post by Tyler Peters
Beta - Data Tables User Interface Update 7 yesterday by Amelie Wisniak
Export Transcripts
0 yesterday by Shauna Gibson
Genesys Cloud Integration with Mulesoft (Web Service data intergration)
5 yesterday by Richard Schott
Original post by Adesh Jadhav
Multiple divisions, single queue: is this you?
1 yesterday by John Greer
Original post by Becky Powell
Transfers roadmap including new transfer APIs
14 yesterday by David Farrell
Server's hardware does not meet requirements
3 yesterday by Guchan Erzorlu
Original post by Fardeen Koodruth
Agents were removed from queue by unknown user ID
2 yesterday by Marco Silva
Chatbot interactions analyze (more than 10 days in Optimization Dashboard - Utterance History) 0 yesterday by Michal Wojcik
Question about the use of load balancing via DNS records in combination with digest authentication
2 yesterday by Sean Fitzpatrick
Intraday Monitoring nº Agents
2 2 days ago by Shannon Hellner
Architect data tables user interface updates
45 2 days ago by Amelie Wisniak
ACW is currently not timing out
0 2 days ago by Phi Nguyen
Content Search In Different Languages
2 2 days ago by Anik Dey
Original post by Tommy Oudavanh
End Interactions Automatically when Agents Logoff
0 2 days ago by Mark Pierson