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Append to an AgentPair variable rather than updating it 2 a minute ago by James Dunn
How long is time between leaving one queue and going to another?
0 an hour ago by Nuttapong Limadisai
Configure Salesforce ScreenPop when Picked up ?
2 2 hours ago by Alexandre Brenne
๐ŸŽ Calling All Elves: Join the Genesys Holiday Magic for a Special Someone ๐ŸŒŸ
5 3 hours ago by Tracy Vickers
Original post by Lin Gary
๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ… ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„Santa needs your help this Christmas to make a wish come true๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ
3 4 hours ago by Tracy Vickers
WhatsApp API Change
3 4 hours ago by Richard Chandler
Original post by Antwuan Rencher
Genesys Beyond
7 4 hours ago by Reinhard Beck
Original post by Matthew Tipler
Do you have GIFT IDEAS to help this special family for the holidays?
6 12 hours ago by Nicole Milliken
Web Messaging transcript shows agent Profile name
1 12 hours ago by Robert Niblock
Original post by Kellyn DuBois
How to find keyword from email subject 0 13 hours ago by Noman Hassan
Genesys Cloud Alerts sending alert e-mails at 3am despite no calls coming into queues. 3 15 hours ago by Emily Kammerer
Original post by Glen Tylee
Send me your gift ideas for our Community Angels
4 16 hours ago by Antwuan Rencher
Phone issues following upgrade
0 16 hours ago by Paul Simpson
No new records being written to Database?
9 17 hours ago by Paul Simpson
LAST CHANCE to give your feedback! 0 17 hours ago by Becky Powell
Defining max "LOGIN" time and max time in state 2 20 hours ago by Vincent Sabolboro
Original post by Yvgeni Liberman
View Evaluation Versions
2 21 hours ago by Jeremy Walts
Gamification Points
1 21 hours ago by Eduard Roehrich
Original post by Cherri Lindquist
WDE: showing NotepadView instantly with interaction
1 21 hours ago by Marcin Jarosz
Historical Adherence Report from API difference
5 22 hours ago by Daniel Hoffman
Original post by Dewald Smit
Genesys Cloud Changing Original Evaluator on rescoring
1 23 hours ago by Sumant Barik
Upcoming Quality Management UI label changes (Oct 18)
15 23 hours ago by Cressida Gioiella
Original post by Herrick Mai
Duplicate Variable In Architect
4 yesterday by Jan Heinonen
Exporting roles
0 yesterday by Shauna Gibson
Viewing canned responses permissions
0 yesterday by Karl Beal
The address on this Location has not been verified. - How can I verify a location's address?
10 yesterday by Christoph Domaschke
Original post by Monica Michaud
AppFoundry-related question
0 yesterday by Victor Shvetsky
Location is not getting verified 4 yesterday by Christoph Domaschke
Original post by pradeep Kumar
what is the interaction history archival period for webchat
2 yesterday by Harikrishna Venna
I want to update some items in the contact list form.
1 yesterday by Akihiko Suzuki
Find Schedule Group stops working after exactly 25 checks. 3 yesterday by William Goslin
Priority Based Routing Problem 1 3 days ago by William Goslin
Original post by Shenbagamoorthy B
Upcoming Agent UI Update - Multi-contextual Panels 8 3 days ago by Ricky Phung
What FedRAMP features available today and are coming soon? 0 3 days ago by Shane Jenkins
Automatically Opening Zendesk Private App upon Genesys Cloud Interaction
0 3 days ago by Ismail Zniber
Is there a replacement for Code editor
2 3 days ago by Jim Crespino
Original post by David Regis
Call external Web API on call events 1 3 days ago by Jim Crespino
Original post by Bero Acker
Create an alert rule 0 3 days ago by Danny Ballerini
Upcoming Messenger Improvement: Launcher Persistence after Proactive Trigger
2 3 days ago by Angelo Cicchitto
Kids Ask, Community Delivers - Help Us Spread Some Cheer! 4 3 days ago by Antwuan Rencher
Original post by Matt Lawson
Agent Assist on Callbacks
2 3 days ago by Brady Speed
Partial time off bypassing time off limits with 0 hours paid showing 9 3 days ago by Damaris Scott
Original post by Shannon Hellner
select a calling destination by date/time frame from a data table 1 3 days ago by Vincent Sabolboro
Original post by Robert Herms
Accessibility WCAG AA - Improved Color Contrast for Messenger
4 3 days ago by Angelo Cicchitto
Genesys Audio Connector
0 4 days ago by Alejandra Santiago
Activity - Out of Adherence warning
1 4 days ago by Vaun McCarthy
Original post by Robert Niblock
WFM Adherence View
3 4 days ago by richard craig
Double ringing in Salesforce embedded client and Genesys Cloud 8 4 days ago by Prateek Sethi
Original post by Jennifer DiCesare
Shinkage disappears when looking at Forecast w/Shrinkage 6 4 days ago by Gina Palmer
Certain Work Teams missing Adherence Data in Schedule Set 2 4 days ago by Gina Palmer