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Women's History Trivia is LIVE
2 30 minutes ago by Matt Lawson
QA Report Question 0 41 minutes ago by Addison Hild
Who is a woman that inspired, influenced, surprised, or wowed you? 2 an hour ago by Sheila Lyons
Original post by Matt Lawson
Chat API Version 2 via CometD
2 2 hours ago by Francis Reynders
Salesforce Phone Integration Breaking in Specific Queue 1 3 hours ago by Katee Ice
Launching a script
3 4 hours ago by Marcus Hanna
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Ghost Interaction - Web Messaging in Queue
11 4 hours ago by Paul Simpson
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WEBHID and Jabra headsets
8 5 hours ago by David Van Milligan
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Best Practices to Handle Agents in "Not Responding" Status 33 5 hours ago by Rolph Lieverse
Original post by Anne Hoang
Combining adherence and conformance to calculate productivity
4 5 hours ago by Pablo Flores
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Genesys Cloud Release Notes - March 29 2023
0 5 hours ago by Tracy Vickers
Preferred Agent routing - Web Messaging
10 5 hours ago by Jeevan Kumar Jayabalan
How to add Signature to user profile
0 5 hours ago by Ganesh S
Genesys DX (Bold360) EOL and EOS Announcement
0 6 hours ago by Coty Smith
UPCOMING BETA: New experience to build Analytics Dashboards
31 6 hours ago by Nikhil Ponnam
WebRTC SDK / Headset library update
25 6 hours ago by David Van Milligan
3 6 hours ago by Paul Simpson
Original post by Juan Ayala
SMS/Chat Web Messaging Routing - Maximum Queue Time Limit/Post Actions
4 7 hours ago by Jeevan Kumar Jayabalan
Prompts upload for .wav downloaded from Google TTS giving error
0 7 hours ago by garima balodi
Transfer Emails from an agents queue without that agents interaction
8 7 hours ago by Stephen Poncia
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Voice and Chat queue best practices 1 8 hours ago by Greg Barrett
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Archive and Unarchive Learning Modules
0 8 hours ago by Paul Turner
Knowledge Optimizer - Article views under Top viewed articles and feedback
0 10 hours ago by Shwetha Chandavar
Genesys Cloud CX Release Notes - 1st of March 2023
5 10 hours ago by Patrick Poinclou
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Interaction Desktop 2019 R2 Patch 9 freezing on freshly imaged PCs
1 10 hours ago by Cenk Gündüz
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How to have two pop up window poping in Salesforce
0 11 hours ago by Mohammed Siddique
Moving to Cloud - Outbound Campaign conundrum
1 13 hours ago by Reginald Sheraton
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Dashboard Beta Testing Widget Type inquiry
3 18 hours ago by Heidi Kelly
call survey API 0 20 hours ago by reham alzeer
Call survey
2 21 hours ago by reham alzeer
Scheduling off-queue activities
2 22 hours ago by Shannon Hellner
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Forecast with Shrinkage
1 22 hours ago by Shannon Hellner
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Anyone else experiencing web gui slowdown/agents going not responding this week....
0 yesterday by Clayton Curtis
Beta Enrollments
0 yesterday by Mark Pierson
setup callback API
1 yesterday by Bassel Nafaa
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Web Survey Email Address Collection
3 yesterday by Tom Mullen
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Creates flowcharts of Genesys cloud or PureConnect interaction flow 90 yesterday by Takamune ISHIGE
Upcoming Agent UI Changes - Target Selection UI 16 yesterday by Ricky Phung
Aria adapter
7 yesterday by Donald Huovinen
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Agents New Hire Data
5 yesterday by Krisinda Bleau
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Web messaging Notifications
4 yesterday by Prem Venkatesh
Change ringtone for one user
1 yesterday by Christoph Domaschke
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Unused Roles & Permissions Beta
4 yesterday by Chris Fischer
Web Messenger - Agent Response Formatting 2 2 days ago by Peter Stoltenberg
Creating task in salesforce - failed to save interaction (call duration 0) 4 2 days ago by Richard Schott
Original post by Richard Dib
Decisions Using EWT in Architect 12 2 days ago by Jan Heinonen
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Call "On hold" reminder for agents
0 2 days ago by Tim Speakman
Email Queue SLA & Closed Business Hours 4 2 days ago by Stephen Poncia
Web Messenger - Ending Chats with clients 2 2 days ago by Robert Niblock]
List all users assigned to skill / Language 4 3 days ago by Pete Schroeder