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A Happy Holidays Card Contest!

  • 1.  A Happy Holidays Card Contest!

    Posted 12-21-2022 12:45

    It's been a VERY MERRY year indeed for the Genesys community. And it's all because of YOU, the stars who shine bright, each and every day.

    We've had so much fun watching the community grow this year and that got Matt and I thinking…what if we turn our little holiday card into a contest where our community members can jingle all the way home with a prize from the Prize Wall?! So here's our holiday card twist:


    This year was a joy with so much to like,

    We had __ new members join the community's site!

    While we all laughed and gave the events our best,

    We featured __ wonderful colleagues as Q&A Show guests!


    "Twas fun to participate and have contests to play,

     We can't believe Nicole gave __ number of prizes away!


    And finally, we're finding it hard not to boast,

    But the Genesys Cloud CX community had __ number of new discussion posts!


    Now is not the time to go into a holiday slumber,

    But before we go, can you guess the right number?


    If you're first to succeed or come the closest,

    You'll be a winner who goes home with a prize from this hostess!


    There's four blanks above, so give us your guess,

    We want to put your community instincts to the test. 


    You have until the second week of January, so enter to win,

    Let's start the contest, it's time to begin!


    A very happy holidays to you, enjoy your December.

    We're all going to make the '23 community a time to remember!


    P.s. Ok folks, for quick reference, we want to know the following numbers for 2022:

    1. How many new members joined the community.
    2. How many guests were featured on the Q&A Show.
    3. How many prizes Nicole gave away. 
    4. How many new posts the Genesys Cloud CX community had. 


    Wishing you a peaceful and fun holiday season,

    Matt and Nicole


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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