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And the Winner is...Oscar Ballot results are in!

  • 1.  And the Winner is...Oscar Ballot results are in!

    Posted 03-13-2023 14:45

    The glamour, the speeches, the all came to a close last night along with the results of the Academy Award results!

    But before we get to who correctly guessed most of the winners correctly in each category, I'd like to remind you all of another thrilling event going on in the community: The March Madness Brackets! Read this post to learn the rules and how to get your brackets in. You only have until the morning of Thursday, March 16th to submit, so hurry or you'll miss out on another chance to win a big prize!

    But now, let's get back to the community ceremony. The results are in and the award for "Guessing the Most Oscar Winners Correctly" goes to...

    @Matt Lawson - we all know what a movie-lover you are and it shows, congratulations! You won by ONE point! That being said, @Tien Le and @Jay Rapaport you would have been tied with Matt for 1st place, but you lost out on three points for not answering that bonus question! The bonus question always seems to determine the winner, so make sure you answer it for the next event so you don't miss out on a prize of your choice.

    Want another chance to win? Join us for March Madness and see if your favorite college basketball team makes it to the final round.

    Good luck!


    Lyndsay Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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