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Ask Me Anything (AMA) Tomorrow

  • 1.  Ask Me Anything (AMA) Tomorrow

    Posted 05-24-2022 07:16

    Scott, Tom, Kyle, and I are looking forward to having an Ask Me Anything or AMA with you all tomorrow. If this is your first AMA, welcome! You can get an overview of how AMAs work on our AMA page. In short, AMA's are a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our panel of experts.

    If you can't join during the AMA window, no problem! Please start a discussion early and include "AMA" in the title so that our panel can easily identify it and answer it as soon as the event starts.

    If you have a question that you want to ask in confidence or you are not a member of the community, you can send your AMA questions to GenesysCommunity@Genesys.com and one of our moderators will post it on your behalf.

    If you have any questions I can answer to help you get ready for the event, please drop them below.

    Hope to see you tomorrow!


    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager