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  • 1.  Automated Evaluation Beta

    Posted 10-24-2022 14:39
    we are very excited for this beta.  My company just had one concern I was hoping I can verify here. 

    We want to be able to play with the feature and get a feel without it affecting the daily work of our quality monitoring agents. 
    Will we be able to assign it to queues or policies to control who is seeing and using the feature?

    For example, we use policies to deliver calls to our QMs to evaluate. So we'd like to test this feature on a sandbox queue so it doesn't
    affect the quality agents until we are ready to roll it out.


    Daniel Cross
    Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC

  • 2.  RE: Automated Evaluation Beta

    Posted 10-25-2022 06:20
    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for your post

    The Evaluation Assistance feature will be available at the form level, so when building a form you can decide at a question level if you want an answer to be selected based on e.g. a Topic that has been identified in an interaction.

    It would be feasible to build a demo form to use against interactions to see how the feature works no problem.

    There is a Beta which is going to be run for this feature. If you'd be interested in being part of this please just complete the form below to add your company details to the list:



    Andrew Boland
    Genesys - Employees

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