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  • 1.  Automatic Inactivity Time Out

    Posted 06-30-2022 10:02

    Release Notes for 6/29/22: Administers can set Genesys Cloud to log out users automatically after a specified period of inactivity. 

    If a user is an agent and is On Queue, their routing status changes to Off Queue when they are logged out. To accept new interactions, agents must log in and go back On Queue.

    Can you please explain what the definition of "inactivity" is? Not interacting? Not clicking around in Genesys? This impacts each line of business differently because their activity level varies.


    Amanda Logue
    Independent Health Association, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Automatic Inactivity Time Out

    Posted 07-05-2022 09:23
    Also numerous clients of the Genesys Cloud platforms that I manage, ask me for clarification on the meaning of "Inactivity", just like Amanda did.
    Is there anyone from Genesys able to provide more specific information?

    Matteo Paratici
    NTT Data Italia S.p.A.

  • 3.  RE: Automatic Inactivity Time Out

    Posted 07-05-2022 19:35
    There's more information on the developers forum here:

    Including a post with FAQ.

    "I have set this feature for my org but users aren't being logged out even though they don't enter a single key stroke for over 15 minutes.
    Genesys Cloud defines "timeout" as the absence of any API activity for the set duration of time. For example, an agent may step away from an email interaction, but the client may be making API calls behind the scenes. In this case, the user is not logged out because the system detects activity. You can see API activity by opening the Developer Console from whichever page you are working in and watching for any API calls that contain an access token in the Authorization header."

    Paul Dittrich
    Genesys - Employees

  • 4.  RE: Automatic Inactivity Time Out

    Posted 07-05-2022 20:10
    Something else worth mentioning in this forum that I also mentioned in the Dev community:

    Because the mechanism for donig this forces a token to be expired, anything else that also uses tokens gets forced out too.  One example is if you're using SCIM integration.  That token could end up becoming expired.  So unless there's been improvements made, in a lot of cases we couldn't use this new feature without it breaking other stuff that is dependent on long token expiry durations.

    Vaun McCarthy