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Beta Announcement - Dynamic Outcome Targeting

  • 1.  Beta Announcement - Dynamic Outcome Targeting

    Posted 11-14-2023 09:58

    Hello Predictive Engagement Community followers! 👋🏼

    The Predictive Engagement team is pleased to announce a new feature Beta testing, and we sincerely appreciate your interest in participating it!


    Predictive Engagement Outcome thresholds under Action Maps became difficult for our customers to use and understand as the model returns values lower than they may expect when thinking about probability to achieve an Outcome. 
    The Probability percentage based thresholds once set are static and do not adjust to changes in the distribution of probabilities which can result in fluctuations in the audience. 

    This new Outcome threshold solution, called Dynamic Outcome Targeting, will aim to improve our Outcome threshold targeting. 

    If you and your organisation would like to be considered for participation in this feature Beta, please let us know. If you've already completed the survey through Community Beta Enrolment - great!  


    • The UI and Backend changes as part of this Beta will be visible only under Action Map creation -> Outcome Probability threshold setting (current documentation). 
    • Additional documentation for the new Beta feature will be provided. 
    • The enrolment is open for this Beta, but the Beta should officially start at the beginning of December

    What are our Beta goals:

    1. Receive your Feedback - Evaluate the new User Experience under Action Maps Outcome threshold - Study and Improve User Experience
    2. Beta Customers Testing - Have the opportunity to have it tested in an actual production environment versus a Dev environment - Identify possible bugs to Improve Quality
    3. Hypotheses validation - validate our concept and different hypotheses regarding Outcome Thresholds
    4. Possible solution refining - refining UI/UX, refining backend solution, refining documentation, etc. 

    A few quick rules:

    1. Any questions / issues, please post it under the thread under our Predictive Engagement Community page. If it's an urgent question/concern/issue, please post it under the Predictive Engagement thread and then email me directly - I will try to respond to it as soon as possible. The idea is to work together in a collaborative, transparent way. 
    2. We will run this Beta for 60 days only
    3. This is a close Beta, and we will have up to 5 customers under this Beta.

    Next steps for this Beta to be provided soon under this thread. 

    Thank you all!

    #AI #PredictiveEngagement #Outcomes #OutcomeThreshold #ActionMaps #GPE #Proactive


    Roy Dotan
    Genesys Predictive Engagement - Product Manager

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