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Bold360/Nanorep Code Removals

  • 1.  Bold360/Nanorep Code Removals

    Posted 09-29-2023 09:38
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 12 days ago
    As part of the decommissioning of the Bold360 platform, there are actions that will require customer-action to remove code from the websites, pages, and domains where Bold360 code is implemented The functionality of this code will cease to function or operate on January 31, 2024 and removal of this code will insure that no errors will appears on your site and to your customers.  
    Each implementation of Bold360 is unique and may have multiple code snippets as well as multiple versions of code that will need to be removed. In many cases, removing all lines of code between <!-- BoldChat --> and <!-- /BoldChat --> will remove the code from your web code. The code may either be implemented directly within your website’s code or within a tag management solution and it is recommended that you work with your web development team to make sure that the necessary code adjustments are made. 

    Bold360 Visitor Monitoring/Floating Button 

    This code is typically located near the </body> tag of a web page or is loaded from within a tag management solution 

    Beginning of Code Example 

    <!-- BoldChat Customer Monitor HTML v5.00 (Website=XXXXX,ChatButton=XXXXX,ChatInvitation=XXXXX) -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
      window._bcvma = window._bcvma || [];
      _bcvma.push(["setAccountID", "XXXXX"]);
      _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "WebsiteID", "XXXXX"]);
      _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "InvitationID", "XXXXX"]);

    Bold360 Chat Button 

    This code is typically located in-line within the <body> tags of a web page. 

    Beginning of Code Example 

    <!-- BoldChat Live Chat Button HTML v5.00 (Type=Web,ChatButton=XXXXXX,Website=XXXXXX) -->
    <div style="text-align: center; white-space: nowrap;">
    <script type="text/javascript">
      var bccbId = Math.random(); document.write(unescape('%3Cdiv id=' + bccbId + '%3E%3C/div%3E'));
      window._bcvma = window._bcvma || [];
      _bcvma.push(["setAccountID", "XXXXXX"]);
      _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "WebsiteID", "XXXXXX"]);
      _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "CustomUrl", ""])
      _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "WindowParameters", "vr=&vi=&ve=&vp=&vn=&lc="])
      _bcvma.push(["addStatic", {type: "chat", bdid: "XXXXXX", id: bccbId}]);
      var bcLoad = function(){
        if(window.bcLoaded) return; window.bcLoaded = true;

    Bold360 Conversion Tracking 

    This code is typically located near the </body> tag on a web page or within a tag management solution.  

    Beginning of Code Example 

    <!-- BoldChat Conversion Tracking HTML v5.10 (Website=XXXXXXX,ConversionCode=XXXXXXX) -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
        window._bcvma = window._bcvma || [];
        _bcvma.push(["setAccountID", "XXXXXXX"]);

    Support Center 

    As the Support Center is a Bold360-hosted web page that is redirected from your website’s own domain, the primary action is to remove the CNAME record for “” from your domain’s DNS configuration.  


    Nanorep Floating Widget 

    This code is typically located near the </body> tag on a web page or within a tag management solution. 

    Full Code Example 

    <!-- nanorep floating widget -->
    <script>!function(t,e,o,c,n,a){var s=window.nanorep=window.nanorep||{};s=s[e]=s[e]||{},s.apiHost=a,,s.path=c,s.account=t,s.protocol="https:",s.on=s.on||function(){s._calls=s._calls||[],s._calls.push([]};var p=s.protocol+"//"+n+c+o+"?account="+t,l=document.createElement("script");l.async=l.defer=!0,l.setAttribute("src",p),document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(l)}("coty360","floatingWidget","floating-widget.js","/web/","");</script>
    <!-- //nanorep floating widget -->

    Nanorep Embedded Widget 

    This code is typically located in-line within the <body> tags of a web page. 

    Full Code Example 

    <!-- nanorep embedded widget -->
    <div id="nanorep-embedded-widget"></div>
    <script>!function(t,e,o,c,n,a){var s=window.nanorep=window.nanorep||{};s=s[e]=s[e]||{},s.apiHost=a,,s.path=c,s.account=t,s.protocol="https:",s.on=s.on||function(){s._calls=s._calls||[],s._calls.push([]};var p=s.protocol+"//"+n+c+o+"?account="+t,l=document.createElement("script");l.async=l.defer=!0,l.setAttribute("src",p),document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(l)}("coty360","embeddedWidget","embedded-widget.js","/web/","");</script>
    <!-- //nanorep embedded widget -->

    iOS/Android Mobile SDKs 

    Please consult with your mobile apps developments teams for removal of these SDKs from your mobile apps. 

    Coty Smith
    Genesys - Employees

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