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[Bug Fix] Issue with Long Term forecast View and DST

  • 1.  [Bug Fix] Issue with Long Term forecast View and DST

    Posted 03-08-2023 11:00

    Hello Genesys Community, 

    We will be pushing a fix for a recently found bug related to the Long Term Forecast view and the switch to Daylight Savings Time. It impacts Actuals on long-term forecasts that are over six weeks. When the DST switch happens (whether ON or OFF), if it falls in the middle of the forecast, actuals will drop to 0 on the graph and return to normal once the DST switch happens again. 

    There are no UI styling or flow changes, just behind-the-scenes fixes. 

    Before the fix

    Before the Fix
    After the fix
    After the Fix
    Thank You!


    Daniel Chapdelaine, Product Manager-Forecasting
    Genesys - Employees

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