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  • 1.  Call Result No Anwser

    Posted 10-06-2022 21:53
    Hello guys,
    I have a problem classifying the call result of an outbound call (OCS), which was answered only on the second attempt. The call is being classified
    as "No Anwser", even though she was successfully attended. What I was able to verify, is that in the dial model I'm using (Progressive with the "Assured-Connection" feature),
    that is, the OCS first requests the dialing for the extension to reserve it, and then for the customer, this situation is occurring. In the pure Progressive dialing model, the
    call is correctly classified as "Anwser".

    An alternative I found was to tab the call result in dispositions as "Anwsered", but I would like to know if there is any condition for the call to be
    sorted automatically without having to tab.

    Anderson Oliveira