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  • 1.  Campaign - Preview Mode Skips

    Posted 04-18-2024 19:04
    Kia ora
    Would like some information about campaign management.
    For campaigns, if a consultant skips a target from a preview mode campaign, does it get pushed to the end of the existing list or does it not get presented again?
    How can we report on the amount of skips in a campaign and who did them?


    Clare Wallace

  • 2.  RE: Campaign - Preview Mode Skips

    Posted 04-19-2024 08:17

    Good Morning!

    1. If you accept an interaction and "skip" the interaction, it will be considered complete - unless you have multiple phone numbers on that account.  It should be skipping it at the phone number level, not record level.  If you have two, call it Primary and Secondary, upon skipping the first it is possible that the second will re-appear for either the same agent or another later on. 
    2. The only way through the front end system that I've ever found is through the Interactions Workspace.  They are not considered Agent Level Dispositions, so you won't be able to aggregate them by agent, queue, or campaign through the various related workspaces.  If you use Interactions you can filter down to the particular Wrap Up Code, and can then export the data and filter as you need to isolate the individual users who are skipping interactions.
      • The other option would be using Back-End data.  Using nightly API Calls to download and store all relevant data at the interaction, participant, campaign, queue, etc. level.  Storing them in a data warehouse will allow you to more rapidly access the data; though it's a completely different beast in turn of setup time.

    This was something we wanted better tracking on as well early on.  I started just by downloading the interactions export daily and filtering from there to isolate the number of instances per agent; but eventually moved into the second approach above using the data warehouse, once our teams configured it. 

    Good luck! 

    Steven Busse
    Vice President, Lead Business Analyst
    M&T Bank

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