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CCAnalyzer - Skip ETL Runtime Database Creation

  • 1.  CCAnalyzer - Skip ETL Runtime Database Creation

    Posted 02-01-2023 08:23
    Hello everyone.

    It is possible to skip the database creation when I startup ETL Runtime? The database already have all the tables ETL Runtime needs to run but it tries to create them anyway and now we are getting database exception ORA-00955 - name is already used by an existing object.

    In file I removed the command "createdb" but the result still the same. There's no options related to table creation in others properties files.

    Reading the logs I can see that the ETL Runtime uses a sql file to create those tables and gives the file name but not their location. Searching on server the file don't exist.

    Dropping all objects from Data Mart database seems to be the only way to go, but I have hope that there's a way to skip the creation of those tables.

    Bruno Lugarezi
    UOL - Universo Online

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