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📢Changes to the Workforce Management Navigation Menu

  • 1.  📢Changes to the Workforce Management Navigation Menu

    Posted 03-14-2023 17:26
    Edited by System 01-26-2024 19:11

    Workforce Management will be updating its navigation menu, on or after 26th April 2023

    In preparation for new Schedule based features, due for release in late 2023/early 2024, we will be adding a new "Schedules" grouping to the navigation menu.

    This will enable Genesys to add new Schedule based features to the navigation without degrading the user experience with long lists of options. This new grouping will follow the same flow as:

    • Configuration
    • Forecasting
    • Time Off
    • Performance


    which already group common features/options together.


    As an Admin you will need to access the existing Schedules and Shift Trade options via the new Schedules grouping on the menu.

    Current Menu

    Current WFM Menu

    Menu with new Schedule Group

    WFM Menu with Schedule group

    #Workforce Engagement Management

    Paul Wood
    Product Manager for Genesys Cloud Workforce Management

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