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  • 1.  Classify a call in addition to a wrap code - 1st call resolution

    Posted 03-17-2023 13:44
    Edited by ADAM SUGDEN 03-17-2023 13:50

    Hi All,

    I have been tasked with finding a way to replicate a feature that existed on the old Avaya platform which is being replaced with Genesys Cloud. 

    Currently agents are able to select multiple wrap codes for a single call. This will be a wrap code to classify if a call was resolved first time and then a wrap code to classify the reason for the call.  I know multiple wrap code selection isn't a feature on Genesys so I wondered if anyone has any ideas that could be used?

    1st call resolution and wrap code classification are two key reports used by the business.

    One option which the business do not want is to double up on wrap codes with a set of wrap codes preceded with '1st Call' or '2nd Call' Res, e.g. 1st Call Resolution/Invoice Query. or 2nd Call Resolution/Invoice Query




  • 2.  RE: Classify a call in addition to a wrap code - 1st call resolution

    Posted 03-24-2023 07:07

    To follow up and try and close this one off for anyone reading it in the future, I found a solution in this thread 

    The solution suggested was using a data action to write to a source

    Extract of the recommendation from the other thread below.

    "the best way would be a Data Action that writes values directly to a database. In Genesys Cloud, any API actions can be created under "Actions" (admin menue). This database could then directly be the basis for the reports.

    An easier way would be to write a Genesys Cloud Data Action for writing script entries to a Genesys Cloud Data Table. This can later be exported as a CSV."

    Adam Sugden

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