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  • 1.  CometD integration for Calls

    Posted 07-18-2022 06:19
    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to integrate CometD notification with one of the custom components developed for WWE. I want to create a Javascript-based client application that will subscribe to the notifications. Can someone help me, with how to establish a handshake with CometD notification and how to authenticate the service? I have tried with the sample provided in the documentation but I am not clear on how to authenticate the service. I am getting the below error 

    [{"advice":{"reconnect":"none"},"channel":"/meta/handshake","id":"1","error":"403::Handshake denied","successful":false}]

    It would be grateful if anyone share with me the implementation steps or sample code of it.

    Thanks in Advance
    Sudhakar B

    sudhakar Balla
    Voxai Solutions Inc.

  • 2.  RE: CometD integration for Calls

    Posted 09-02-2022 10:41
    Hi - I would suggest opening a case with Genesys Customer Care for this item, or reaching out to Product Management to discuss the specific integration you're trying to accomplish. The Service Client API is typically our recommended approach.
    Regards, Bill Mitchell       Genesys Product Management

    William Mitchell
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: CometD integration for Calls

    Posted 09-04-2022 02:35
    Hi Everyone,

    We are also facing the same issue of establishing a Handhsake for the CometD notification. We are developing a custom application for WDE functionalities and when we try to establsih handshake. We get the same error

    [{"advice":{"reconnect":"none"},"channel":"/meta/handshake","id":"1","error":"403::Handshake denied","successful":false}]

    We tried using the sample code provided in the document to test the simple handshake. However, the result is the same. We opened case with customer care and it is taking us nowhere.

    If anyone could share their thoughts on how it can be done, it would be helpful.

    Best Regards,
    Senior Solution Architect
    Fourth Dimension Systems

    Rashid Yusuf
    Fourth Dimension Systems LLC

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