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Coming Soon: New User Activity Indicators

  • 1.  Coming Soon: New User Activity Indicators

    Posted 05-20-2022 13:51
    Edited by trey buck 05-20-2022 13:51

    Hi Genesys Community! 

    As part of our goal to make user activity and availability within the platform, we're working on updates to the Activity Indicators within Genesys Cloud. Activity Indicators are the user interface elements that represent interactions users are currently working on.  

    Today, indicators are only available for calls and are shown differently based on the type of call (ACD vs non-ACD): 

    ACD voice: #/count and phone icon 

    Non-ACD voice: no # or count and 'call' wording 


    The two call indicators do not combine or 'stack' with each another nor display other interaction types users may be handling. 

    Updates to the Activity Indicators will (1) bring consistency to how voice interactions are displayed by combining ACD and non-ACD call counts and using the same icon for both types of calls, and (2) adding counts + icons for digital interaction types (messaging and email). An early screenshot of the new Activity Indicators: