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Coming Soon Releases

  • 1.  Coming Soon Releases

    Posted 06-02-2023 15:55
    Edited by Cressida Gioiella 06-02-2023 15:55


    I am looking for guidance on how I can better understand the upcoming releases.  There are some exciting changes for our WFM teams potentially scheduled for the June 7th release.  In the description it is vague on what is actually changing.  They look to me to explain what the expected changes are, for example.  There is one with the time off request view will be improved.  What is improved?  Is this just for the WFM admins?  It will not impact the agent?  

    Workforce management time-off requests user interface improvements

    Genesys Cloud improved the workforce management time-off requests view. These improvements ensure better visual alignment and consistency with other workforce management views and administrator page, including updated to iconography and option selection

    Do we know what the interface will look like after the change?  Dashboard metrics what is being added?  

    Introducing improved alerting

    Supervisors can now use the enhanced and improved alerting functionality to better manage day to day operations. The improved process includes a refreshed user interface; new real time dashboard metrics; the ability to receive alerts in real time when a threshold is not met, rather than at the end of the day; and SMS, email, and toast message improvements to include actionable data and links to detailed reports where applicable. This feature has no restriction by user or required user to access.

    I have reviewed the Idea Roadmap to see if I could find the idea that lead to these enhancements and could not find anything.

    Thank you


    Cressida Gioiella
    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

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    Posted 06-05-2023 14:20
    Edited by Cressida Gioiella 06-09-2023 10:37

    Hello Cressida,

    The improvements to the time-off request user interface are very minor.  This one is specifically referring to some changes we are making to the look and feel of this UI.  There are no functionality updates made in this specific one.  

    • The Type option is changing to a radio button
    • Count as Paid Time is changing to a check box
    • The Select Dates and Length are changing to the standard date and time pickers to be consistent with other screens

    Belinda Herrera

  • 3.  RE: Coming Soon Releases

    Posted 06-06-2023 04:15