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  • 1.  Configuration Server is not getting started

    Posted 07-21-2023 15:27


    I'm getting error while starting configuration server on testing environment. 

    Configuration Server installed on : Red Hat Linux 8.8

    Database : MS SQL Server 2019
    DB Installed on OS: MS Windows Server 2019

    Config DB is prepared and executed below queries. As per checking port and review table

    1. init_multi_mssql.sql (single language)
    2. CfgLocale_mssql.sql (Locale)
    3. cfg_refresh table is "refresh: 0 and notify_id: 0"  and cfg_port_info shown appid with configured port details.
    4. Tested ODBC Driver 17 connection from Linux to SQL Server 2019 via isql DSN command.




    Configuration Server log:

    Build information :
      Description : (Content Freeze)
      Timestamp   : Jun 23 2023 04:04:45
      Version     :
      Components  :
        Configuration library   v.
        Common library          v. C2 MT-Safe 
        Service library         v. MT
        Message library         v.
        Log library             v. MT
        LCA library             v.
        Thread library          v.
        DBServer library        v.
        Genesys License library v. MT
        License library         v.FLEXLm 11.16
        Stat Script library     v.
    Application name: confserv
    Application type: ConfigurationServer (21)
    Command line:     
    Host name:        genrhe8
    DST:              TZ = 0, timeb = 0
    Time zone:        -19800, IST, IST
    UTC time:         2023-07-21T18:55:10.552
    Local time:       2023-07-22T00:25:10.552
    Start time (UTC): 2023-07-21T18:55:10
    Running time:     0:00:00:00
    Host info:        Linux, genrhe8, 4.18.0-477.15.1.el8_8.x86_64, #1 SMP Fri Jun 2 08:27:19 EDT 2023, x86_64
    File:             (1) /opt/genesys/logs/confservlogs/confservlogs.20230722_002510_542.log
    00:25:10.552 Trc 04112 The Log Output of type '/opt/genesys/logs/confservlogs/confservlogs' has been created and opened
    00:25:10.552 Std 22110 Encoding [utf-8] is set successfully.
    00:25:10.554 Std 05060 Application started
    00:25:10.561 Std 22100 Genesys Configuration Server. Version
    00:25:10.561 Std 22101 Copyright (c) 1997-2023 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.
    Network Threading Mode: Disabled
    00:25:10.563 Std 22102 Server application name is set to [confserv]
    00:25:10.563 Trc 04110 Option 'dml-retry' has been set to the value '1'
    00:25:10.569 Std 22915 Server mode is set to [PRIMARY]
    00:25:10.570 Std 22900 Objectset [main-cfgset] is being loaded ...
    00:25:11.286 Std 22901 Objectset [main-cfgset] : XML schema is loaded
    Initiating new connection to DBServer: main connection
    00:25:11.689 Std 22905 Objectset [main-cfgset] failed to load
    00:25:11.692 Std 23600 Program exception : Connection parameters for the [dbserver_manager] are not specified
    00:25:11.692 VAG calculation enabled
    00:25:11.692 Main loop has ended
    00:25:11.698 Std 05063 Normal termination 
    00:25:11.698 Trc 04109 Logging service stopped

    Can someone please help to resolve this issue.





  • 2.  RE: Configuration Server is not getting started

    Posted 07-22-2023 01:49


    Try to set option dbthread to true. With false value the confserv expects the dbserver is being installed and started. 

    Hope it helps!

    Jakub Němec
    NTT Czech Republic s.r.o

  • 3.  RE: Configuration Server is not getting started

    Posted 07-22-2023 06:30

    Hi Jakub,

    Thanks for your help. This issue has been resolved after made dbthread to true and recreate a new configdb.


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