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Consult transfer with skill

  • 1.  Consult transfer with skill

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    Posted 08-02-2022 17:13
    Is it possible to specify a skill when calling the API to perform a consult transfer to an ACD queue?
    My use case:
    I have a First and second tier queue. Agents in the first tier perform triage before consult transferring to the second. There are 5 types of escalation, so 5 skills.
    The plan is to have 5 buttons on the 1st Tier agent's script.
    Now, I could create 5 "dummy" numbers to consult transfer to, that route through a flow that transfers to the queue with the corresponding skill, but that seems overly complex.
    I wanted to use a Data Action to call the API to perform the consult transfer to the queue when the button(s) are pressed, but even though I can specify the Queue in the Body, I can't figure out if I can also specify a skill.
    I hope that makes sense!
    Ideas welcome!

    Paul Simpson
    Sr. Cloud Partner
    AAA Club Alliance Inc.