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Contest - Tell Us Your Genesys Project Story & Win a Super Prize

  • 1.  Contest - Tell Us Your Genesys Project Story & Win a Super Prize

    Posted 10-05-2023 13:18

    "I am by birth a Genesys, and my family is one of the most distinguished of that online community." 

    - an unauthorized collaboration between Mary Shelley & Matt Lawson

    With the power of Genesys at your fingertips, there is unlimited potential for wonderful things that you can build, tinker with, and enhance: from interactive bots to automation processes and don't think we forgot about artificial intelligence.

    In our October contest, we want to hear the story of your passion project? Don't spare any details!

    • What made you start this project?
    • How long did it take?
    • Any favorite (or least favorite) memories?
    • What were the results?
    • Did you have help along the way?
    • Does your project or bot have a name?
    • How did it turn out?

    You can submit a video, power point, text, cartoon, whatever helps you tell your story and help us learn about the innovation you have going on that leverages Genesys. 

    We also have a category for any bots that you use in your daily life.

    Ready, Igor? 



    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

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