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Corrections to Week 5 Trivia Questions

  • 1.  Corrections to Week 5 Trivia Questions

    Posted 06-30-2022 12:59
    Hey Everyone,

    If you have a question, general confusion, or think you spotted an error in a trivia question, please feel free to drop a note here.

    The software that we use for the community does not allow us to edit polls after they have launched because we could then manipulate data, so I apologize for the typos, but I am avoiding removing/replacing polls because it complicates the grading that we must do, which is manual.

    So I'm going to keep a running list of notes/changes here.
    1. Casual Trivia Question 1 - Answer not affected - The movies received "11" trophies vs "13". (Keep in mind that the question is asking about "wins" vs nominations. 
    2. Casual Trivia Question 3 - Answer not affected - The source that I pulled this question from from was dated in May. I'm sure there are multiple lists for Spotify, but in the ones that I checked the correct answer did not change and it was by a pretty significant margin. If you think you found a higher song, please pick the best guess from the options provided.
    3. Genesys Resource Trivia Question 2 - Answer Not Affected - Should say "6/30/2022" vs "6/30/202"

    For the Genesys Cloud CX Trivia, there was a question that created some confusion. If we can catch it early enough, we will replace the question with the appropriate edits, but, if that is not possible because it's too late in the round, we will give everyone for points.

    Sincerely, a big thank you to everyone who has pointed out an issue with the trivia questions! We appreciate the feedback and engagement.



    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager