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Decreasing Compliance Abandons for Outbound Dialing

  • 1.  Decreasing Compliance Abandons for Outbound Dialing

    Posted 07-01-2022 08:24
    Good morning-

    I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out a way to reduce our compliance abandons for outbound dialing. It seems that no matter which settings I change or toggle, we're still above where I'd like to be. If anyone has any suggestions, observations, solutions they've implemented, etc., I would be forever grateful for the insights.

    Some details on our campaigns:

    1. The vast majority of campaigns are between 200 - 400 contacts with a connect rate around 10 - 20%.
    2. Our campaign queues typically have 2 - 3 agents in them.
    3. We've tried using both progressive and power modes. Power mode is never set above 2 - 3 calls per agent.
    4. All phones have persistent connections on.
    5. All agents are set to auto-answer.
    6. Dialer queues are set to disregard skills and just take the next agent.
    7. Campaigns are set to transfer a live voice to an agent and play a message when an answering machine is detected.
    8. Compliance abandon is set to 2 seconds in Outbound Settings to be compliant with the TCPA in the U.S.

    Additional details:
    1. Our agents work out of Microsoft Dynamics with an embedded Genesys client integration via Softphone (AppFoundry partner).
    2. Our agents are all remote in the U.S.
    3. I've filed tickets with Genesys about delays in time-to-agent and been told that everything is working correctly on the Genesys side.
    4. As I understand it, there's no way for me to identify which calls are being classified as compliance abandons so that I can look at specific examples.

    Dan Ross
    Weld North Education

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