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  • 1.  DNIS value not matching Called.Address

    Posted 8 days ago

    I have an interesting question.. I am dialing <mycallFlowName>@localhost;value123 and am able to reach my call flow. So far so good. What is interesting.. is I'm trying to extract 'value123'.. but it's not available in the Called.Address or Called.AddressOriginal, oddly enough. However, what's more interesting is that in the conversation Detail record, I see the DNIS value show up as..

    "dnis": "sip:TestCallFlow@localhost;testvalue123",

    I find this kind of odd. Shouldn't the called.address (or some enumueration of called.address.raw, etc) match the DNIS value in the conversation detail? Why is there a mismatch here?


    Peter Stoltenberg
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

  • 2.  RE: DNIS value not matching Called.Address

    Posted 2 days ago
    Edited by Muhammad Zubair Awan 2 days ago

    It may be possible that Call.CalledAddress & Call.CalledAddressOriginal are looking for the phone number specifically i.e. have logic to look for "tel: " in DNIS to populate values and if its "sip: " then storing as "SIP Device" - when you look for the call (made by dialing the flow name) in performance view it show DNIS as "SIP Device"

    But instead of using built in variables, you can always use Data Action to extract the DNIS value via conversation API.


    Muhammad Zubair Awan
    Spark NZ Trading