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Dynamic Schedules as Input to Common Module

  • 1.  Dynamic Schedules as Input to Common Module

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    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi all

    I have found that the new data types, ScheduleGroup, EmergencyGroup and Schedule are not valid as Inputs for Common Module Flows.
    Is there any reason for this? Is this something that will be delivered further down the track?

    Schedule Group set to Entire Common Module, no option to set as Input or Output

    Now that we can dynamically assign these, would be great to use within a common module passing the ScheduleGroup etc to check.
    For better or worse we currently have a requirement to check hours while the call is In Q, I certainly don't want to do a find ScheduleGroup in the Common Module, as all Find Actions have a limit on how many times it will run. So need to be able to pass the ScheduleGroup in as a Variable, doing the Find Actions outside in the In Q flow in a First loop branch so it only happens once.

    Anton Vroon