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  • 1.  Evaluation method - Disregard Skill, Next Available Agent

    Posted 09-28-2022 18:09

    I am hoping someone can answer a question to what may seem obvious regarding queue routing and call flow configuration. 
    We primarily use skill based routing with the priority set on the Transfer to ACD action in Architect as well as having the skill defined in the flow.  The queue routing is typically set to All Skills Matching.  What has happened with our highest priority queue is that someone changed the queue routing to Disregard Skill, Next Available Agent.  What appears to be happening is that the high priority calls are not moving to the head of the line as expected.

    I am hoping to find out if the Disregard Skill, Next Available Agent conflicts with the skill assigned in the flow with the Transfer to ACD action.  The high priority calls are no longer being offered first. It seems that all was functioning as desired until someone decided to change the queue routing.

    I appreciate any and all responses.


    Tina Yocum
    Nxstage Medical, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Evaluation method - Disregard Skill, Next Available Agent

    Posted 10-06-2022 20:01
    In the world of Genesys ACD Routing (Genesys Cloud ACD processing - Genesys Cloud Resource Center (, you could have a situation where the score of other calls could be higher than the single call with just a priority.  I would test this by setting the priority of the high priority call to 10+5000, which should trump all other calls in the system by a large margin.  If that works, case closed.  If it still does not work, try not assigning the skill to the call.  Could be an issue worth investigating.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

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