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  • 1.  Evaluation policy actions

    Posted 02-02-2023 05:24

    Is it possible to combine Assign evaluations by evaluators and Assign evaluations by agents simultaneously?

    We need 30 evaluations per day in total for 7 queues and 28 agents.

    1 queue receives only transferred calls, hence in order to make sure that the correct agents get evaluated, the assign evaluations by agents should be used.

    Evaluations by evaluators:

    10 evaluations for 3 evaluators = Total of 30 evaluation assignments per day

    Evaluations by agents:

    28 agents = 28 evaluations per day

    How will the policy distribute the evaluations?
    Will the total be 58 evaluations or 30 per day?


    Charis Sideridis
    Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Evaluation policy actions

    Posted 02-03-2023 09:57
    Hi Charis,

    If you had the policy use both "Assign by agent" and "Assign by evaluator" you would get 58 evaluations per day as both policy actions will happen, and they will happen independently of one another. If you're trying to ensure coverage of one evaluation per day per agent, it's much better to use metered assignment by agent.

    Herrick Mai
    Genesys - Employees

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