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  • 1.  Expected behaviour for callback agent script in transfer scenario?

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi team, just wanted to get some feedback/confirmation here.

    1. Scenario is a callback is scheduled from an in-queue flow for Queue A.  The callback script is specified in the Create Callback function within the flow.
    2. Agent 1 on Queue A gets the callback interaction and correctly gets the callback script showing.
    3. Agent 1 then transfers the call to Queue B.
    4. Agent 2 on Queue B gets the call but gets the default callback script instead of what was set on the original callback.
    Is this perhaps something to do with each queue/leg needing it's own scriptID, the original Queue A gets it from the callback request, but the call to Queue B doesn't because the script ID isn't propagated to each call leg?

    Vaun McCarthy

  • 2.  RE: Expected behaviour for callback agent script in transfer scenario?

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 11 days ago

    Hi Vaun,

    Assuming Agent 1 is transferring the active outbound Call - I would expect the 'Call' segment landing in in Queue B would inherit the 'Default Script' set under the Queue 'Voice' tab (as this is what's happening in our environment now).

    Alternatively if transferring via a DNIS back into an Architect flow, the script could also be set via the Screen Pop step.