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  • 1.  Extracting Data from SAP to WFM - ideas and best practice

    Posted 01-05-2023 04:53
    Hello Everyone

    We are currently looking into doing an integration between Genesys WFM and our SAP installation, the purpose being automated import of employee data to WFM, that we are currently maintaining manually.

    Im sure that we are not the first that have this need, and thought i'd ask around the community, and see how other have done it before us.

    My initial thought was to either have our Dev do the job from scratch, or figure out if the GPlus Connecter would solve the issue for us, but i cant really figure out if the last one is the case for our need.

    So please, if you have done the same at some point, feel free to share your experience and recommendations 

    Best Regards 
    Mikael Stokholm

    Mikael Stokholm
    Topdanmark Forsikring A/S

  • 2.  RE: Extracting Data from SAP to WFM - ideas and best practice

    Posted 01-12-2023 09:30
    I have implemented data import of agent data to genesys WFM, it was mostly related to calendar and scheduling information.

    Over the years the implementation have been done both with java and c#. The API works and you can do most of the WFM functionality using the API but the API's are old and not well documented (the documentation mostly consists of code samples) so everything involves a lot of trail and error so takes way longer than a similar platform SDK development. According to the discussions with support it also does not seem a high priority to genesys.

    If you are lucky the data you need to import can be imported using the prebuild data import/export utility that is part of the WFM API package, if I had to do a new integration I would investigate that first.

    Martin Schultz

  • 3.  RE: Extracting Data from SAP to WFM - ideas and best practice

    Posted 01-16-2023 01:29

    Hi Martin

    Thank you for your input, sounds like a job from scratch is the way to go, as it very often is, on matters like these.
    I will relay your experiences to my Dev Guys, and hopefully that will save us a bit of time.


    Mikael Stokholm
    Topdanmark Forsikring A/S

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