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Fast Food Trivia Announcement!

  • 1.  Fast Food Trivia Announcement!

    Posted 11-21-2022 15:42

    Wow, Everyone!

    We had such great participation with our "Fast Foodies trivia event!" Thank you to all who played. Many people answered the bonus question, which leads me to this exciting news…there was a TIE for first place! So, @Matt Lawson and I will come up with something fun and clever to crown the top champion. Stay tuned after the holidays. I'll reveal the two winners in a bit, but first, here are the answers to the Fast Foodies trivia questions:

    1. What is the oldest fast-food burger chain in the world?
    • McDonald's
    • White Castle
    • Dairy Queen
    • In-N-Out Burger

    (The first White Castle opened way back in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas! They sold burgers for 5 cents each.)


    2. At which fast-food location can you order the "Cilantro Sundae"?
    • McDonald's, China
    • Pizza Hut, Taiwan
    • KFC, Africa
    • Subway, India

    (Fast-food chains often have specialized menu items for the countries they are in.)

    3. Which fast-food chain created its own cologne?
    • Hardee's
    • Burger King
    • Bagel Meister
    • Cook Out

    (In 2015, Burger King created its own limited-edition cologne in Japan which smelled like flame-broiled meat and cost $55 a bottle!) 

    4. If you were hungry for the Genesys Cloud CX Developer Center and wanted to add it to your Genesys Knowledge Network (GKN) Favorites, which tab would you find it under?
      • Home
      • Community
      • Resources
      • Support


    5. Which fast-food chain holds the record for the longest commercial ever aired?
      • Arby's
      • Dunkin'
      • Sonic
      • Taco Bell

    (Arby's aired a 13-hour and five-minute spot in 2014 in Duluth, MN showing a single shot of a beef brisket being smoked.)


    6. Some red food coloring that has been used in fast-food milkshakes and fruit juices comes from what?
      • Blood
      • Minced lobster shells
      • Crushed beetles
      • Melted candle wax

    (Carmine is a common ingredient that is used to make the reddish coloring of some menu items and comes from crushing up cochineal beetles!)


    7. Which fast-food chain makes sandwiches AND designer clothing?
      • Wendy's
      • Subway
      • Pizza Hut
      • Panda Express

    (Oddly enough, in 2013 Subway entered the fashion industry with "Project Subway," a competition for designers to create clothes inspired by the Subway brand.)


    8. The Genesys Knowledge Network (GKN) is chock-full of valuable ingredients; our Genesys Cloud CX Billing FAQs are a popular example. Under which Resources > Get Started filter are they located?
      • New Customer Onboarding
      • GKN Top 5 Video
      • Useful Links
      • Tips and Tools


    9. In 2014, Burger King released a limited-edition burger in Japan called the "Kuro Burger" (Black Burger) which featured an interesting sauce. What was the sauce made of?
      • Black garlic
      • Black sesame
      • Black seaweed
      • Black squid ink

    (It also included buns and cheese that were blackened from bamboo charcoal.)


    10. Why did McDonald's create the Filet O' Fish sandwich?
      • As a healthy alternative to their burgers
      • Because of a meat shortage in the 1960's
      • As an experiment to see if they could compete with Red Lobster
      • For Catholics who did not eat meat on Friday

    (The sale of this sandwich is particularly high during Lent.)


    11. In Japan, which of the following offers a "Christmas Meal" that usually sells out before the holiday arrives?
      • Domino's Pizza
      • KFC
      • Wendy's
      • Starbucks

    (Since 1975, KFC in Japan has offered a $40 Christmas Barrel that has become so popular that they often sell out before the holiday arrives.)


    12. Which fast food chain has delivered their food into outer space?
      • Pizza Hut
      • Chipotle
      • Taco Bell
      • Tropical Smoothie Cafe

    (Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station in 2001 as a promotional stunt. They added extra salt and spices to the slices because space travel reduces the sensitivity of astronauts' taste buds).


    13. Burger King wanted to open up chains in Australia, but were not allowed to name the restaurant "Burger King" because there was already a trademarked restaurant there with the same name. Instead, they called their fast-food chain in Australia what?
      • Burger Queen
      • Outback Burger
      • Hungry Jack's
      • Crocodile Dundee's


    14. In 2021, what restaurant chain had the highest gross sales in Canada?
      • Domino's Pizza
      • McDonald's
      • Starbucks
      • Tim Horton's


    15. A chicken nugget that resembled George Washington was once sold on e-Bay for how much?
      • $1,400
      • $4,600
      • $8,100
      • $9,700

    (The seller used the money to fund local kids attending a summer camp.)


    16. About how many possible sandwich combinations can be made at Subway?
      • 38 million
      • 42 million
      • 56 million
      • 63 million

    Now that you know where you stand, it's time to reveal our "tied for first place" winners! @Ashiesh Sharma and @Kathiravan Srinivasan, CONGRATULATIONS! We will do a tie-breaker after the holidays to see which one of you gets to take first place and your choice off the Prize Wall!

    Are you all hungry for more? Don't worry! We've got another great Trivia Event coming Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd, themed "Big Buy Brainteasers," where we'll do all of this again. Be sure to mark your calendars because we LOVE giving out prizes!


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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