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  • 1.  Faxing with Render Server

    Posted 11-13-2023 11:05

    Hi all,

    I am migrating our current production to new 2016 servers. I am using a Fax Render server. When I send faxes using a cover page, I receive send failure.

    When sending faxes without a cover page, they are successful.  I have a Genesys ticket opened but curious if anyone has seen errors or fax driver needed? Print Spooler service is running on both CIC and Render server.

    Failed to render the cover page D:\I3\IC\Resources\CoverPages\TestCover Page.I3C.  In the event log, error Error using Interaction Fax Print Driver. Print driver may not be installed or the Spooler service is not started. Cover pages cannot be generated until this is corrected.


    Kets Xayasone
    Salelytics LLC

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