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  • 1.  February 2023 Instructor of the Month

    Posted 02-15-2023 14:32

    Israel Borges is our featured Instructor of the Month for February 2023!

    Israel has been with Genesys for 1 year and 1 month so far. Before that, he was delivering training for over 7 years. Before Genesys, he taught technical/commercial training for manufacturer products, such as the electric showerhead. Israel said, "yes, it works and you won't die trying – at least not the ones I installed!".  Israel taught language skills in Portuguese, Spanish, and English to volunteers who would take service in different countries worldwide.

    Israel teaches Genesys Cloud Implementation, Administration, and Reporting courses. His goal is to go forward and learn new courses. He graduated in International Trade because he was looking for opportunities to connect with people from different countries and cultures – something he said to have achieved in a different way. Last year he finished two courses, Data Analysis and Cloud Computing Projects, and now is digging into Multicloud DevOps to deepen his knowledge regarding cloud features, infrastructure, and more. Israel's answer has changed recently and now his favorite course is Genesys Cloud Implementation. He likes building all the foundations and connecting the dots. He's also excited about the updates to come!

    Israel likes to prepare an Argentinian mate as part of his morning routine. "It's warm and a good peer through the day" he said. He loves to search for etymologies! During high school in Spain, he won a Latin-Greek contest two times. In his words: "I can't see a word I don't know and not check where it came from or separate the root to see how it developed". For example, this weekend he learned the term "Effendi", a title in Arab countries to someone as a lord/sir or master. It is Arabic but it comes from Turkish, which comes from the Greek "αφέντης" (aphéntes), which comes from old Greek "αύθέντης" (authéntes), which could be translated as self-accomplished. And this last one also became a very known word with a similar root in Roman and Germanic languages: authentic.

    A fun fact from Israel: Yusuf Stefan Effendi, an Armenian herb student, brought mandarin from Malta to Egypt, and the fruit spread in the area. In some dialects, the fruit's name is "yusfi", while in Lebanon it is called "afandeh". Talking about oranges, did you know the Arabic word "naranj" gave birth to orange and similar words in Portuguese and Spanish, while Arabs use this one for bitter oranges while sweet ones are called burtuqal, because Portuguese sailors brought them?! Well, that's another story he says!

    Israel has a soft spot related to Spain. He has great memories of the years there and visits regularly with his wife (they met each other there). He's passionate about the less-known places with so much history and beauty.

    Israel lives in São Paulo, teaching in LATAM mainly. The thing he likes the most about the city is its variety of events. He said they went to a restaurant the other day and found a Korean festival on the spot, and he loved it!

    Thank you for sharing, Israel. Let us know if you've enjoyed classes with Israel or have a memory that stands out!


    Kristi Croker
    Genesys - Employees
    Manager, Global Delivery

  • 2.  RE: February 2023 Instructor of the Month

    Posted 02-27-2023 13:03

    Great...I remember the demo teach about the shower head.So good :-)

    Metallica as well :-)

    Marcus Schweiger
    Genesys - Employees

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