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Feedback requested: permission to fetch organization limits

  • 1.  Feedback requested: permission to fetch organization limits

    Posted 11-28-2023 16:24

    Hello Genesys community!

    We are currently designing a new feature that would expose per-user counts and creation limits for analytics dashboards, but we are unable to bypass the permission required to fetch those limits from our back-end services. (Currently, the ability to fetch organization limits by API is gated by a permission (limits:organization:view) that is typically only assigned to administrators.)

    In order to improve UI validation for all users and to support new feature development, we are considering eliminating the limits:organization:view permission altogether. This would mean that any user could utilize the Developer Tools or a 3rd party tool to make a GET call to one of the Organization APIs and view the organization's effective limits.

    The Organization APIs are not exploitable and we don't expect any adverse impact from removing that permission. Before we make this change, though, we'd like to get your input. Could you please take a moment to answer this 2 question survey

    Thank you!


    Becky Powell
    Director, Product Management
    Genesys - Employees

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