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  • 1.  Forecast Issues

    Posted 01-27-2023 12:42

    Here is an example of my customer's forecast. After they create and run the week and publish schedules the below data appear. There seems to be an imbalance each week on the data that the forecast is providing. They typically have to make major adjustments to get the AHT to their standard numbers which in turn drives  Service levels higher than they should be.


    • AHT excessively high from previous weeks
    • Volume lower than previous weeks
    • Service level various each week from very low to very high

      Before Manipulation: Forecast not touched.


    Forecast after adjusting to previous historical data:

    • Reduced AHT
    • Increased Volume
    • Service level now appears higher than historical

     After Manipulation: Volume and AHT significantly



    Debbie Thornburg
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Forecast Issues

    Posted 01-28-2023 09:42

    I would recommend opening a support case so it can be properly looked into.

    If they create a forecast via weighted-historical index method, then the quality of the forecast relies on the quality of their historical day selections and weighting. If they are not using automatic best method forecast generation, I would first suggest using that method. They could even create a forecast for a period in the past and check actuals versus forecast, forecast error, and forecast accuracy in the forecast viewer/editor.

    AHT and offered variances are specifically due to historical trends, patterns, etc. If those differ wildly either because historically they did and/or because of changing configuration or assumptions week-to-week, then obviously predicted service performance (e.g., SL, ASA, ABD) and staffing requirements will differ significantly.

    Jay Langsford
    VP, R&D

  • 3.  RE: Forecast Issues

    Posted 01-29-2023 17:37
    Hey guys we experience the same thing with AHT with our forecast on Thursday. Off by 20 minutes. We adjusted it down and opened a case but something is up.

    Greg Barrett
    Outdoor Network LLC

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