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High Availability and Deny Service Prior to Switchover

  • 1.  High Availability and Deny Service Prior to Switchover

    Posted 06-13-2022 16:09
    Hi All,
              I have not been able to find anything in the forums or documentation, but I have a couple of questions regarding a HA (Active / Standby) setup for PureConnect CIC 2021 R3 Patch 4, and the switchover process.
              Q1: Currently, whenever we need to do a manual switchover, such as for maintenance, we have to monitor active calls in ICBM to ensure no calls are disconnected during the switchover. Is there a way to redirect any new calls (Called "Deny New Service" on an Avaya Aura system) to the Standby Server to keep them from going to the active server, so we don't have to play "trigger finger"?

              Q2: Are active / queued calls disconnected during a switchover, or do they stay up since the call (at least for an active one) has already been established?
              I am not sure if I have provided enough information, so please advise what else you need from me.
    Thanks for any assistance!

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