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  • 1.  Hold Music Prior to an Outbound Call

    Posted 06-20-2023 16:31


    I am reaching out to seek your expertise and guidance regarding a pressing issue we are facing with three of our Outbound campaigns. We are currently experiencing significant call lag or delays, causing disruption in our customer interactions. Specifically, upon a customer answering the call, we are encountering either a noticeable pause or the hold music starts playing immediately after the customer says "hello."  

    The Dialing Mode was originally set to Power, but it was changed to Progressive for a few days.  I have since changed it back to Power.  

    Our Outbound settings are configured as follows: 

    Max Calls Per Agent - 7 calls

    Max Line Utilization - 90 % 

    Compliance Abandon (in seconds) - 6 seconds

    Calls Subject to Compliance Abandon Rate - Calls that have reached the queue

    Dialing Mode Options: 

    No Answer Timeout - 30 

    Compliance Abandon Rate - 4%

    Is there a setting to update/change in the Outbound campaign where our customers do not hear the hold music after saying "hello"? 

    Thank you, 



    Rob Falkowski
    Life Line Screening of America, Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: Hold Music Prior to an Outbound Call

    Posted 06-21-2023 10:10

    Ensure all the agents are in 'Auto Answer' mode, this forces the audio connection to the agent to be created automatically without the agent manually answering the call.  this reduces the time to get the agent connected to the outbound call.  For any agent based campaign, Auto Answer should always be used.

    Default in queue treatment is hold music.  You can create your own In queue flow for the queues used with campaigns that doesn't play any audio.   Either choose blank audio for several seconds or create a hold music prompt that is really just dead air.   Assign this flow to the dialer queues, then the outbound call will not hear any hold music.

    Combined, this should improve the customer experience for the outbound calls.

    Paul Reininger
    TTEC Digital, LLC fka Avtex Solutions, LLC

  • 3.  RE: Hold Music Prior to an Outbound Call

    Posted 06-21-2023 13:09

    Thank you for the guidance, I was able to configure an In-Queue Call Flow with 5 seconds of blank audio and associate the flow to our dialer queue.  As for Auto Answer, we always configure our Agents with this feature.  

    Again, thank you for the help.  

    Rob Falkowski
    Life Line Screening of America, Ltd.

  • 4.  RE: Hold Music Prior to an Outbound Call

    Posted 06-22-2023 17:09

    Rob, if you are referencing "In-Queue Call Flows", together with some of the other terminology you use, I suspect you are running Genesys Cloud CX, which is a different product line and you would be better posting in the forum for it.

    This forum is for PureConnect (formerly CIC)

    If you ARE using PureConnect, I recommend selecting the option for "Persistent Connection" when logging in. This causes the system to open the agent leg of the call and hold it open, which means it doesn't have to be re-established each call.


    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

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