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How to get multiple outputs from single API and put it as an input to another API?

  • 1.  How to get multiple outputs from single API and put it as an input to another API?

    Posted 04-16-2024 05:44

    Hello All,

    I am currently trying to create web messaging for internal users to create tickets as well as create Genesys Cloud users based on those tickets.

    I am able to achieve this (within digital bot) if I have to copy existing users settings (for example collecting division information)

    I am collecting

    Full Name

    E-Mail ID

    then creating new users with those details.

    I am facing challenges where I need to give an option to users to select from the list of divisions for user creations.

    and Selecting from the list of sites to configure their phone/station.

    Has any one ever tried this to show list of divisions and sites for creating users and phones?

    That will be of great help.

    Question: How to get list of multiple outputs in an array, and use that as an input to another API?

    How to get list of roles assigned to any particular users, and assign those roles to other users in same divisions.


    Khurshid Ali,
    Consultant / Developer / Tech Lead,
    NCR Voyix,,
    New Delhi,

  • 2.  RE: How to get multiple outputs from single API and put it as an input to another API?

    Posted 04-17-2024 13:21

    Having limited experience in bot flows I'm not certain if this will help, but if there isn't a dropdown list to store you array values.  You may be able to execute a loop for each object of the array.  Prompting the operator to reply Yes/No for each role of the source account to add to the new user.  Here is an example...

      • Roles:
        • Communicate - User 
        • External Contacts - Read Only
        • CRM - Access
        • Call Center Agent
    • Call Data Action - Query Existing User to Mirror
      • Input:
      • Output: 
        • [String]Task.Division (Contains division GUID)
        • [String-Collection] Task.Roles (Contains array of four role names)
          • Communicate - User 
            • Position: Task.Roles[0]
          • External Contacts - Read Only
            • Position: Task.Roles[1]
          • CRM - Access
            • Position: Task.Roles[2]
          • Call Center Agent
            • Position: Task.Roles[3]
    • Update Data:
      • Variable Name 1:
        • [Integer]Task.RoleCount
      • Value To Assign 1:
        • Count(Task.Roles) (Contains an integer of "4")

    • Loop
      • Current Index Data Name:
        • Task.CurrentLoopInt (starts with 0)
      • Maximum Loop Count 
        • Task.RoleCount (contains 4)
    • Within the Loop
      • Update Data
        •  Variable Name 1: 
          • Flow.RoleName
        • Value to Assign 1:
          • Task.Roles[ToInt(Task.CurrentLoopInt)]    (On the initial loop what you'll have is Task.Roles[0] and the integer increases with each additional loop)
        • Explanation:  When the interaction initially enters the loop the Task.CurrentLoopInt contains '0'.  To display or say a string within an array at a certain position or row you have to declare the position or row of the array.  (i.e., if I want to say or display the first row of the Task.Roles array, I need to use square brackets with the position number: Task.Roles[0]  Task.CurrentLoopInt will substitute the literal number since it will contain a default value of zero and increase by one integer every time it loops again.)
      • Collect Input:
        • Text Prompt:
          • String 1: Would you like to add the ToString(Flow.RoleName) role, for this new user?
          • String 2: Reply Yes, to add the role to the user.  Reply No, to skip this role. 
        • Input:  Task.DecisionInput
      • Decision 
        • Expression: Upper(Task.DecisionInput) == "YES"
      • True Path
        • Update Data
          • Variable Name 1:
            • [Collection-String]Task.RolesToAdd 
          • Value to Assign 1
            • [Expression]Task.Roles[ToInt(Flow.Task.CurrentLoopInt)]
      • False Path
        • Do nothing and execute next loop or exit. 

    The Task.RolesToAdd will have the array of roles the operator has chosen to add to the new agent. 

    As for divisions, you may need to figure out a way to display the division names using a list with the first characters being an integer to represent the row.  This way the operator can simply reply with the integer for the row that contains the desired division.  

    1. Division A
    2. Division B
    3. Division C

    "Reply with the row number 1..3 (Flow.DivisionCount) that contains the division you want to assign the new user."  

    The challenge with roles is that you can have more than one role per a user.  As for divisions, we typically see agents being associated with one division.  

    I hope this helps you Khurshid

    Carlos Albor
    Senior Principal PS Consultant

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