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  • 1.  How to report abandonned calls

    Posted 10-12-2022 05:40

    Hi all,

    I'd like you to ask for advice how to report abandonned calls.

    IVR tree is configured in Attendant and one is simple. Select IVR choice and transfer interaction to worgroup queue.

    After caller selected IVR choice in CallDataEntry node, interaction is redirected to Selection node. There, based on selected IVR choice, interaction is transferred to worgroup queue.

    Mapping IVR to Workgroup Queue is following:

    IVR nr.1 -> Backoffice
    IVR nr.2 -> Frontoffice
    IVR nr.3 -> Frontoffice/Skill=English

    For abandoned call I use Queue Summary and Detail report (column --ABD--), but do not know how to report abandonned calls for IVR nr.3. Where interactions are transferred to the same workgroup queue as in case IVR nr.2, but agent should have skill "English".

    Can you recommend how to separate abandonned call for IVR choice nr.3 from ones for IVR choice nr.2?

    Thank you for help

    Best regards


    Pavel Broska
    Alcasys Slovakia a.s

  • 2.  RE: How to report abandonned calls

    Posted 10-13-2022 12:23
    Hi Pavel -

    Just to be clear, are you needing Abandons from the IVR, or from the Queue?  It sounds like you need to break out Queue Abandons, by queue by skill.  This can actually be done with the OOB Queue Summary and Detail report.  It all comes down to the Group By and Summary Parameter you choose to use in ICBM.  But you can break out that data by Queue by Skill by Interval, etc.  You can also change how you want that grouping.  In the example screenshot below, I've broken out that data by Queue by Skill.  The "-" mark represents no data (so no skill on that layer).

    So for example, in the Customer Service queue, I had 3 total abandons.  And all 3 of the abandons from the Customer Service queue, had no skills applied to the call.  The calls that entered that queue with the Billing skill were all answered.


    Trent Vance
    Avtex Solutions, LLC