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HRIS Integration for WFM Time-Off Balances

  • 1.  HRIS Integration for WFM Time-Off Balances

    Posted 02-15-2023 20:34


    I am trying to find out more information on the results of the Beta below. My org didn't participate, but it ended July 2022. I would like to know if the Beta was successful and/or if there will be further steps to implement. I have a BU that we are onboarding into Genesys WFM and this is the primary concern for them using Time-Off in Genesys.

    "Formal Beta:
    As part of Formal Beta, we will provide the Integration UI so participants can build out the integration based on the flows and data actions that they have already setup in Early Beta.

    Participants will be able to view the balances in the Genesys Cloud time-off views. We will also provide the ability to setup time-off plans to auto-approve time-off requests based on balances and limits. Any submitted time-off requests will be deducted from the balances and any updates to already approved time-off requests will be synched to the HRIS system."


    Cory Johnson
    Cox Automotive Corporate Services, LLC

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