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Interaction Desktop Add-in browser content fails to load in tab

  • 1.  Interaction Desktop Add-in browser content fails to load in tab

    Posted 06-16-2022 10:34

    Hoping the experts have ran into something similar here. We standing up a new instance of Pureconnect that's running 2021 R4 and we have an Interaction Desktop add-in, that we're struggling with.

    The Add-in allows our agents, when they have a call to click a custom button. The button then gets the active call ID and passes it to a browser window that is loaded in an add-in tab. Everything seems to be working as expected, except the browser add-in tab will simply not display any content. We can see the browser address bar fine and when we try to browse to our custom site, any internal or external site, no content is ever displayed. 

    It does appear to connect to various sites as I've even gotten a prompt to sign-in to an authenticated site. After I authenticate from the add-in tab, still nothing is displayed.
    I'm reviewing log files for Int. Desktop but so far nothing is jumping out.

    Anyone ran into something similar with an Int. Desktop Add-in? We compiled the add-in in .Net 4.7.2. We just opened a support case on the issue as well.

    Thanks all


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