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Licensing Issues With ICBM 2020 R3 After VM Crash

  • 1.  Licensing Issues With ICBM 2020 R3 After VM Crash

    Posted 11-09-2023 20:11

    Had a Windows VM crash and after that if trying to login to ICBM it says most of the licenses are in use because somewhere it thinks it is still logged in, in just the VM.  If we log into another computer in the office and try it works fine.  I have restarted the VM, cleared out the ICBM cache in c:\users\<user>\appdata\local\interaction.... by deleting the profile.xml file.  Uninstalled rebooted and reinstalled ICBM.  

    When I check in session manager in ICBM on my system, it shows they logged in, in the morning, which they had and the session as far as i can tell is active.  

    Is there a registry key or such that gets created that when the VM crashed it didn't get turned off and if so, where is it at or is there some way to force a logout in my admin level ICBM, though given it works on another computer it doesn't seem to be something that is triggering from the CIC.


    Jon Mercer

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