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  • 1.  Metric for capturing a metric for time callbacks get routed to an agent

    Posted 09-07-2022 12:11
    Hello, is there a way to capture a metric regarding the following:

    How long does it take for an agent to respond to a callback when there are no agents available? Specifically when there are no available agents and they leave a request for a callback. How long does it take to route the callback to an agent and is there a way to capture that metric? Also, is there a way to set up a SQL query to retrieve the historical info or set up a handler to serve the request?

    Rob Kemp
    ConvergeOne, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Metric for capturing a metric for time callbacks get routed to an agent

    Posted 09-08-2022 11:59
    Hi Rob - Callback Reports can be tricky and something I started diving into at one time but never fully developed as my role changed away from reporting.

    Your first question I interpret as "Duration agent took to respond to callback".  This component does not include any wait time in queue, or "routing" time.  I found the following script very helpful.  All credit goes to Tim Cannon from this thread.  With a few modifications you could re-work the sql to roll-up the [Delay] stat by queue or period.

    DECLARE @startdate DATETIME = '09/08/2022 00:00:00' 
    DECLARE @enddate DATETIME = '09/09/2022 00:00:00'  
    		ins.InteractionIDKey [callbackID],
    		dateadd(second, ins.StartDTOffset, ins.ConnectedDateTimeUTC) [Connected],
    		ins.LastLocalName [Agent],
    		att.InteractionIDKey [Outbound Attempt CallID],
    		DATEADD(second, att.StartDTOffset, att.StartDateTimeUTC) [Attempted],
    		DATEDIFF(SECOND, ins.ConnectedDateTimeUTC,att.StartDateTimeUTC) [Delay],
       FROM [I3_IC].[dbo].[InteractionSummary] ins
            JOIN [I3_IC].[dbo].[InteractionSummary] att
            ON att.StartDateTimeUTC BETWEEN ins.ConnectedDateTimeUTC AND ins.TerminatedDateTimeUTC AND att.RemoteID = '+1' + ins.RemoteID
            AND att.Direction = 2
      WHERE ins.StartDateTimeUTC BETWEEN @startdate AND @enddate 
            AND ins.MediaType = 6
      ORDER BY ins.ConnectedDateTimeUTC, att.StartDateTimeUTC

    Your second question I interpret as "Duration to route the callback to an agent".  I think off-the-cuff, this measure is simply ASA for MediaType=6.  You may be able to use canned reports or in SQL look at [tQueueWait] minus [tAlert].  Your results may vary depending on your callback design.  I'd suggest you head over to this thread and review if your design fits Scenario01 or Scenario02 outlined by Trent Vance.  We use Scenario02, a flow-out design, so any time spent waiting in Queue1 is lost when measuring Callback ASA.  I've also not tested the usefulness of the script above when using Scenario01, non flow-out design, but I believe it's still applicable.

    Hope this helps get the conversation started.

    Raymond Hicks
    Sutter Health