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  • 1.  Multiple divisions, single queue: is this you?

    Posted 04-17-2024 10:11

    Hello Community! 

    Do you set up queues with members from multiple divisions? If so, would you be willing to join me for a quick exploratory call?

    If email works better, please feel free to reach me at

    Thank you!


    Becky Powell
    Director, Product Management
    Genesys - Employees

  • 2.  RE: Multiple divisions, single queue: is this you?

    Posted 04-18-2024 08:39

    We are struggling with figuring out a solution for multiple divisions in the same organization being able to pass emails/work requests back and forth since sending/replying does not work because the emails are blocked as duplicates. Forwarding breaks the email thread in addition to being blocked so that is not an option either. Transfers are not good because the original "owner" of the email interaction stay the owned so wrap up codes are linked to that original queue and the only action notes you can pass along are the interaction/contact notes which is not ideal either. This may be a "partial" solution by sharing a single email queue among several divisions and assign tags or skills to the inbound depending on what email address the original email comes from so an agent from an appropriate division can be offered the interaction. We have to have threading enabled and cannot offer inbound emails to multiple queues which in our case get blocked anyway. I understand what we are trying to do goes against the inherent design of how email threading and duplication avoidance works based on the unique initial message ID in the header but it is crucial to our business. My only other thought is creating different Genesys organizations for each department with separate Genesys subdomains but I am still not sure if that will allow emails to pass back and forth between them without being blocked as duplicates. That would still not solve the issue of multiple queues within the same division. Our biggest division has about 25. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas or has the same scenario with a solution I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Right now this need is preventing us from potentially expanding globally with Genesys Cloud and already impacts our local organization in a negative way.

    John Greer
    Smiths Detection Inc.

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