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  • 1.  Not Responding

    Posted 06-20-2023 09:30


    Seeing if you have any insight/solutions on the "not responding" status? Recently, seeing an uptick in our agents getting it. This is when they work at home or even in the office. 


    David Harring
    SimpliSafe, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 06-20-2023 10:45

    Hi David:

    Are the agents getting notifications and alerts when a call is coming in? I've ran into this many times and there have been multiple reasons this is happening:

    1. The agent has focused assist on their PC, so all notifications are suppressed.
    2. Do they have their sound profile configured correctly? In my organization, our agents are hybrid and they need to update their settings based on where they are working to ensure they have the proper headset configured.
    3. Do you have Teams integration? We do not and have found that sometimes agents are missing calls when they are on a Teams meeting and did not change their status to away.
    4. Agent receives notification but cannot click "answer." After a lengthy investigation, we had to remove a DNS to solve this issue because we were having errors with the WebRTC phones connecting to the edge. 
    5. Related to the above incident, we have found that when our system is having network connectivity issues, calls are alerted to an agent only a short time (10-15 seconds) before routing to the next agent. 

    Hope this helps.

    Tracie Wood

  • 3.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 06-21-2023 05:28

    Hello Tracie,

    very interested by your 4th point. We do experience the same sometimes.

    Could you give more details about your findings/ investigations and resolution, would be much appreciated :)

    Kind regards,


    Nathan Tossens
    AXA Group Operations Belgium SA

  • 4.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 06-21-2023 07:32

    Hi Tracie ,

    I would really appreciate to know what you did on the 4th point , Removing DNS meaning removing from the Edge ? or from the laptop of the user

    Girish Vibhute
    Varian Medical Systems

  • 5.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 02-22-2024 12:35

    Very interested in this part also.

    Any further details would be appreciated.


    1. Agent receives notification but cannot click "answer." After a lengthy investigation, we had to remove a DNS to solve this issue because we were having errors with the WebRTC phones connecting to the edge. 

    John Korn
    Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.

  • 6.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 06-21-2023 08:06

    Hi Tracie, 

    This is very helpful. We have agents are on auto answer and work in a office/WFH environment, so the system delivers the call to them. What would be a good solution for that?

    Thinking option 2 might be the root cause, what would they need to ensure that their settings is configured correctly?



    David Harring
    SimpliSafe, Inc.

  • 7.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 01-31-2024 13:16

    hello, I have the same issu , the agent is in not reponding and he have a notification ''Make interactions eligible'' and he should click on it to could receive the next call.

    I noticed that all agents are in auto-answer and available on queue. I don't understand why they passed to not responding.

    thanks for your help

    Rihab BEN MALEK
    Teleperformance France SA

  • 8.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 06-20-2023 15:31

    We recently experienced this issue. After lots of troubleshooting the individuals, we couldnt find anything. 

    It turns out we didn't have enough Edges setup to handle the additional call volume we were experiencing for Fathers Day. Once we added 2 additional edges, the issue went away immediately. 

    Nick Argeson
    Bethlehem Shared Services LLC.

  • 9.  RE: Not Responding

    Posted 12-15-2023 13:51

    Hi Nick,

    Which issue did your company encountered? Is it some of the incoming calls of agents aren't ringing/alerting which resulted to them being on "not responding" status because the alert timed out?

    Thank you!

    Lalyn Panganiban
    PPD Development, L.P.

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