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  • 1.  Oracle 19C Validation

    Posted 05-30-2022 06:38
    Edited by Kannan Gopalakrishnan 05-30-2022 07:02
    Our customer needs to upgrade their Oracle database to 19c which is currently 12c (64-bit) because it's end of support on 31.07.2022.

    Currently this is yet to be officially supported by Genesys and as per the PureConnect Product Ideas Lab this was likely be in place by 2022 H1. Anyone has the latest on this topic since we are already nearing the end of support from oracle and there is Eol announcements for Pureconnect.



  • 2.  RE: Oracle 19C Validation

    Posted 06-03-2022 14:41
    This is still on the PureConnect roadmap. It's actually the #1 backlog item. We don't have a date yet due to some logistical issues we're working through. The hope right now is that it won't require any code changes to validate Oracle 19c so we could announce it out-of-band of the product release cycle.

    That said, have you tried it in a test environment? If so, did it work? I'd be interested to know if you experienced any failures. Using unvalidated software doesn't mean you won't receive support. If a problem is found to be caused by using unvalidated software, the workaround may be to move to something which has been validated.

    Scott Thomas
    Director of PM

  • 3.  RE: Oracle 19C Validation

    Posted 06-03-2022 15:25
    Edited by Kannan Gopalakrishnan 06-03-2022 15:25

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you , Hope this confirmation happens soon !

    We are yet to upgrade to 19c in TEST environment. Mostly likely in last week of June´22 until 2nd week of July´22.

    I can revert on the results , if its not completed by then at your end :)

    Kannan Gopalakrishnan

  • 4.  RE: Oracle 19C Validation

    Posted 08-15-2022 07:07
    Edited by Kannan Gopalakrishnan 08-15-2022 07:08
    Hi Scott,

    Jfyi, We have upgraded the TEST environment with 19c on 25.Jul.2022 and Production on 12.Aug - 13.Aug.2022. We are running on 2019R1 version of Pureconnect. Currently there is no major issues running except for 1 minor issue for which a genesys TRANS update process tries to insert data into a table (IC_ADMIN.INTX_PARTICIPANT.CALLIDKEY without a callidkey. This cannot be done because there is a not-null-constraint on the native genesys table . A case is logged by our application partner with Genesys support team on 13.08.2022.


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