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  • 1.  PSDK - Stat Server AHT for RoutePoint Queue

    Posted 10-24-2022 10:50
    Edited by Mark Rennie 10-24-2022 10:53


    We have developed an integration with the Stat Server using Platform SDK (PSDK).  We require to obtain the Average Handling Time of a route point - when we developed the integration originally we were told that the handling time was not accrued against the route point in the statistics model but against the agents instead.

    To that end we obtained the AHT by collecting the following two metrics on the Group Agents:

    Total Handling Time
    Category: TotalTime
    Main Mask List: CallInbound, CallOutbound, AfterCallWork
    Object: Group Agents

    Total Calls Handled
    Category: TotalNumber
    Main Mask List: CallInbound, CallOutbound
    Object: Group Agents

    So we obtain the GroupAgent(s) linked to the RoutePoint and then calculate AHT by taking Total Handling Time / Total Calls Handled for each group of agents linked to the RoutePoint.

    However we are getting queries on the accuracy of this data and it feels a little odd. For example, if agents are part of multiple agent groups and these are assigned to multiple queues it may mean the handling time is not strictly related to a single route point.

    Is there no other statistic that would obtain the handling time at the route point level?  

    We can see a report in Pulse that is calculating the AHT at the skill group level (and not the agent level) but not sure of what statistics would be being used to generate this.



    Mark Rennie

  • 2.  RE: PSDK - Stat Server AHT for RoutePoint Queue

    Posted 10-25-2022 01:54
    You need to attach a KVP to the calls when it hits the route point that will uniquely identify that the call came from that RP.

    Then you need to add a filter or mask to the statistics (both time and count) such as PairExists("RP":"YourRPName"). That way your time and count statistics will only count for calls from the RP.

    NOTE: If calls get transferred around from one Agent Group to another and back again, then it can get messy. When does the time stop accruing for one RP and start for another?

    Angus Huckle
    Spark NZ Trading

  • 3.  RE: PSDK - Stat Server AHT for RoutePoint Queue

    Posted 10-25-2022 09:21
    Thanks for the suggestion. 

    We do see on the pulse dashboard that AHT is shown and calculated and it doesn't look tied to an agent.  Is this the same approach as it would be taking?  I wasn't sure if there was a simple statistic against the RoutePoint that would have given the handling time?

    Mark Rennie
    Kana Software Ireland Limited

  • 4.  RE: PSDK - Stat Server AHT for RoutePoint Queue

    Posted 10-25-2022 15:19
    There must be a strategy on the route point and a targeting block to target the Agent Group. Are you also using a virtual queue?

    AHT can be calculated against a VQ.

    And/or check what metrics Pulse is using and try them in your PSDK app.

    Angus Huckle
    Spark NZ Trading

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