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  • 1.  PureConnect and Azure

    Posted 03-09-2023 12:33

    Just to ask, has anyone tried to use IC Admin and ICBM on an Azure joined system?  

    We had an issue with a system that it decided to not show reports or logging.  Eventually took it to Azure from AD, because it would rebuild a lot of the profile that had stuff left being by uninstalling and reinstalling Genesys, and the calling part works in Azure, just have to put in the username and password.  

    When we open Interaction Administrator, it says there is a login issue, and parts of it won't work.

    ICBM opens fine, it shows the reports and recordings now, but if we try to run a report, it says there is an issue, check the logs.  I check the logs, and there is around 20 different cautions and alerts, though most seem to revolve around login permission issues.


    Jon Mercer

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